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The Red Siege Sample Report

Red Siege places the importance of a well documented and presentable report above all. If you are looking for a quality example of how Red Siege presents it’s information to help organizations achieve their security goals, then please review our Sample Report.

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Red Siege is one of the most trusted information security consulting firms in the industry that concentrates on the latest threats to organizations today. We perform in-depth analysis, determine organization/business risk, and find the vulnerabilities before the bad guys do. The Red Siege team of trained, qualified and experienced information security experts is led by one of the most recognized names in the industry, our CEO Tim Medin.

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Red Siege

Red Siege is the real deal penetration testing firm. The engagement was done effectively and efficiently start to finish. Great report, no actually the best; color coded, executive summary, findings POC’s, and easy to follow. RS won a life-long customer.

Mohamed K, Information Security Analyst, Daifuku
Red Siege

What I like best about the report is the level of detail. I like that you provide the commands used to arise at a finding. It allows me to retest easily. I also like that in most cases, you illustrate how to resolve the finding. This means I can easily assign tickets with specific instructions on how to address a problem and then retest to ensure it was done properly. We have a small IT staff. We are jack of all trades and masters of none, so this level of detail and instruction is very beneficial for us.

Casey R., Security Engineer, Undisclosed Financial Institution in NY
Red Siege

I read the report yesterday. This is one of the best-written, actionable pentest reports I’ve ever seen.

Doug H. , Technical Director, Undisclosed
Red Siege

Our Red Siege penetration testing engagement was a great success. The RedSiege team clearly brings their passion for security to their engagements and they delivered the most verbose and comprehensive report we have ever received from a vendor.

Carlo G., CIO, Undisclosed Financial Institution
Red Siege

Red Siege did a great job focusing on real organizational risk. They took the time to understand our business, “what keeps us up at night”, and then tailored the assessment to focus on these areas.

Bill V., CIO, Undisclosed Financial Institution