Adventures in Shellcode Obfuscation!

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Welcome to our electrifying multi-blog series on Shellcode Obfuscation, led by our expert Principal Security Consultant, Mike Saunders! Dive into the fascinating and intricate world of shellcode protection, where each blog post unveils essential tips and techniques to safeguard your code and fortify your loaders.

Get ready for an immersive experience as Mike Saunders takes you on this journey, offering detailed explanations and video demonstrations every step of the way. Don’t miss out— Empower your cybersecurity skills with weekly releases packed with invaluable insights! Join us on this journey and become the shellcode obfuscation hero you’ve always wanted to be!

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Part 1: Shellcode Obfuscation Overview

In this blog, you’ll embark on the first step of our shellcode obfuscation series, learning foundational techniques to hide your shellcode and evade detection by modern AV and EDR systems. We’ll cover the basics of shellcode, its role in exploitation, and the importance of obfuscation. Through practical examples and demonstrations using msfvenom-generated payloads, you’ll gain insights into how to reconstruct and compare shellcode while ensuring it remains undetected.

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Part 2: Hail Caesar!

The blog post discusses techniques for obfuscating shellcode, focusing on the use of the Caesar cipher. It explains how to encode shellcode by shifting bytes and how to decode it, demonstrating that despite the cipher’s simplicity, modern antivirus software often fails to detect such obfuscated shellcode. We include code examples in Python and C for both encryption and decryption processes. Mike highlights the surprising effectiveness of this ancient encryption method against contemporary AV engines.

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Part 3: Encryption

This blog explores the use of XOR and AES encryption methods to conceal shellcode, showcasing code examples and discussing their effectiveness against antivirus detection. The post also covers the challenges and strategies to evade detection by modern security systems, emphasizing the practical application of these techniques.

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Part 4: RC4 with a Twist

Readers learn to hide shellcode using RC4 encryption with SystemFunction032 and SystemFunction033 from Advapi32.dll. The blog includes step-by-step instructions, code examples, and insights on detection challenges. It’s ideal for security enthusiasts and professionals seeking advanced obfuscation techniques.

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Part 5: Base64

Release July 15, 2024

Part 6: Two Array Method

Release July 22, 2024

Part 7: Flipping the Script

Release July 29, 2024

Part 8: Shellcode as UUIDs

Release August 05,2024

Part 9: Shellcode as IP Addresses

Release August 12, 2024

Part 10: Shellcode as Mac Addresses

Release August 19, 2024

Part 11: Jargon

Release August 26, 2024

Part 12: Jigsaw

Release September 2, 2024

Part 13: Calculating Offsets

Release September 16, 2024

Part 14: Future Research

Release September 23, 2024