Red Siege acquires FortyNorth Security

By Red Siege | June 5, 2023

Red Siege strengthens its offensive security consulting offerings with the acquisition of FortyNorth Security.

The transaction expands Red Siege’s services to its clients with more leading-edge open source and private tools, high-quality training, and additional experienced personnel.


More Offensive Than Ever!

We are very excited to announce that Red Siege Information Security has acquired FortyNorth Security effective June 5th 2023!

With this, Red Siege also welcomes Chris Truncer to the team as Senior Security Consultant and Instructional Designer.

Side By Side

Red Siege was founded in 2017 by CEO Tim Medin by taking his extensive background in information security for control systems, higher education, financial services, and manufacturing and combining it with his experience as the course author and instructor of the Enterprise Penetration Testing course (560) for largest source of information security training and security certification in the world, the SANS Institute. This experience and a desire to explore the offensive security and consulting space was the impetus for the formation of Red Siege, where we have been working to become one of the most trusted information security consulting firms in the industry today. We owe this all to our exceptional clients and the trust they put in us, and the community and partners we have made along the way and we can not thank them enough!

The FortyNorth team have provided their clients with exceptional offensive security assessments and training right along side Red Siege since 2018 as respected peers and colleagues. We now look forward to bringing them in as teammates and benefiting our current and future clients with additional ways of providing value, working with others who are just as passionate about doing the right thing for our clients, and contributing back to the industry in every way.

Looking Forward

You will find all previous FortyNorth tools such as EyeWitness, C2concealer, WMImplant and more now in the Red Siege Toolbox on Github.

We will be working to integrate the informational blogs and content provided by FortyNorth into our own over the course of the next few months.

In addition to our offensive security, we will be using all of Red Siege’s resources to continue providing the high quality training you’ve known to appreciate from Chris Truncer and FortyNorth as well, and look forward to expanding upon those offerings for both in-person and online offensive security practitioners going into 2023 and beyond. You can already enroll now and join us at Black Hat 2023!

From Red Siege CEO Tim Medin:

“I have always been a big fan of the FortyNorth Security team. From their skills and knowledge they have shown and share, to all that they have accomplished as a team and a company. To now have that talent and tools under our roof is something I look forward to exploring and build upon. I can not say enough to the excitement for what this means for the future growth of Red Siege and what we can provide to both our clients and the community.”

From FortyNorth CEO and Co-Founder Chris Truncer:

“I am extremely proud of all the work we accomplished with FortyNorth Security. It has been awesome seeing another company and friend grow to the level of what Red Siege has become and it is exciting to now be a part of that. To share the vision for the future of offensive security and consulting with the core values of a brand you are going to be continue working and building with, is an experience I am looking forward to here at Red Siege.”


From FortyNorth President and Co-Founder Jared Blatt:

“The services, training, and relationships we built at FortyNorth could not be in better hands then with Tim and his team at Red Siege. Our mission at FortyNorth was always to proactively advance the state of security and have a positive, lasting impact on our customers and the entire security community. Red Siege shares these same principles and we could not be more excited to be a part of the Red Siege story.”    

Jared will continue building on Riskatto, now a standalone Ransomware Assessment Software.



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