Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Are You Prepared?

The risk of a breach resulting in a ransomware incident has been steadily increasing in recent years. Ransomware actors have shown a willingness and ability to target organizations of all sizes.

  • Do you know how vulnerable your organization is to ransomware?
  • Are you prepared to respond if you are breached?
  • Will you know what steps to take after?

These are questions that you need answers to, and our team at Red Siege Information Security is prepared to do just that.

Tactics and Techniques

During this Ransomware Readiness Assessment:

How does your organization proactively evaluate the resilience of external systems against common cyber-attack entry points?

We conduct regular penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to simulate attacker activities, focusing on identifying and securing potential external system vulnerabilities that attackers might exploit.

What methods do you employ to uncover vulnerabilities within antivirus/endpoint detection and response (AV/EDR) systems and application control technologies, particularly against custom payload executions?

Our approach includes comprehensive testing of AV/EDR and application control technologies against a variety of attack scenarios, including the execution of custom payloads, to identify weaknesses and limitations in endpoint protection.

In what ways does your organization assess the potential business impacts of a host compromise and evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls in containing breaches?

We perform risk assessments to understand the potential business impacts of a compromised host and conduct thorough evaluations of internal controls, ensuring they are adequately designed to detect and contain breaches effectively.

How does your organization detect and address gaps in the ability to identify data-encrypting ransomware on end-user systems, and what remediation and mitigation verification strategies do you recommend?

Our team utilizes advanced detection tools and techniques to identify deficiencies in ransomware detection capabilities on end-user systems. We then provide targeted remediation guidance and strategies for mitigation verification to strengthen the overall security posture.

Security Starts Here

For this Ransomware Readiness Assessment, Red Siege uses a blended approach to analyze organizational ability to defend against a ransomware attack.

The test identifies gaps in perimeter defenses that may allow attackers to gain access to the organization and your data. Our testers identify assets that can be reached and modified by ransomware. After establishing a foothold on an internal host, Red Siege assesses an attacker’s ability to execute payloads on and exfiltrate data from a protected endpoint system modelling the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of real threat actors.

At the conclusion of the engagement, Red Siege will provide a detailed report documenting any discovered weaknesses and deliver recommendations for resolving the issues, including methods for you to validate a fix has been properly implemented.

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