SiegeCast: Buffer Overflow 101

By Justin Connors | September 22, 2020

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Welcome back to our next SiegeCast!

On October 13th at 3pm EDT we will be presenting “BUFFER OVERFLOW 101”

There are lots of us who want to know more but are either overwhelmed by the idea that buffer overflows are beyond their capabilities or just don’t know where to get started. This is a 101-level talk; Mike Saunders will talk about how a buffer overflow works, how to fuzz an app to identify an overflow opportunity, and how to create a simple overflow that will result in a compromise of a target system. At the end, you will have the information and resources to help you write your first overflow!

We encourage you to sign up for this webcast, as well as become part of the Red Siege community discord –

Tim Medin and Corey Overstreet will be in the discord as well answering any questions along side the discussion.

There, we will be taking our questions and interacting with the community, as well as posting links the coincide with the conversation.

We look forward to seeing you!

Founder, CEO

Tim is also a Principal Instructor, Course Author and MSISE Program Director at SANS, themost trusted and largest source forinformation security trainingandsecurity certificationin the world.Through the course of his career, Tim has performed penetration tests on a wide range of organizations and technologies. Tim has gained information security experience in a variety of industries including previous positions in control systems, higher education, financial services, and manufacturing. Tim is an experienced international speaker, having presented to organizations around the world. Tim is the creator of the Kerberoasting, a widely utilized Red Team penetration test technique to extract kerberos tickets in order to offline attack the password of enterprise service accounts. Tim earned his MBA through the University of Texas.



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Principal Consultant

Mike Saunders has over 25 years of experience in IT and security and has worked in the ISP, financial, insurance, and agribusiness industries. He has held a variety of roles in his career including system and network administration, development, and security architect. Mike been performing penetration tests for nearly a decade. Mike is an experienced speaker, speaking at conferences such as DerbyCon, Circle City Con, regional BSides including Minneapolis , Kansas City, and Winnipeg, SANS Enterprise Summit, the NDSU Cyber Security Conference, and SANS and Red Siege webcasts. He has participated multiple times as a member of NCCCDC Red Team.



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Senior Penetration Tester

Corey Overstreet is an experienced penetration tester and red team operator. He has been engaged with Fortune 500 organizations across a variety of industries, including financial services, government services, and healthcare. Additionally, he has over five years of systems administration and VMWare administration experience. He has participated as a member of the SECCDC Red Team since 2016.



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